Getting Started


Formbar is a python library to layout, render and validate HTML forms in web applications. Formbar renders forms which are compatible with Twitter Bootstrap styles.

In contrast to many other form libraries forms with formbar are configured in XML files to separate the form definition form the implementation and handle it as configuration.

Formbar is the German word for “shapeable” and should emphasise the character of formbar which hopefully makes shaping your forms more easy.


Formbar is available as Pypi package. To install it use the following command:

<venv> pip install formbar

The source is availble on Bitbucket. You can check of the source and install the library with the following command:

(venv)> hg clone
(venv)> cd formbar
(venv)> python develop # use develop for development install


I recommend to install the library for testing issue in the virtual python environment. See Virtualenv documentation for more details.


  • Support for SQLAlchemy mapped items and plain forms.
  • Expression bases rules
  • Conditionals in forms
  • Type conversation and validation
  • XML based form definition
  • i18n Support
  • Row and column based layouts
  • Different form layouts for the same model (Create, Edit, Read...)
  • Twitter bootstrap support
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Error and warning messages
  • Help texts
  • Numbering of fields
  • Extern defined renderers
  • ...


See Usage


Formbar comes with a very simple demo server to give you a impress on some features of formbar.

To run the server do the following:

cd examples


Formbar is licensed with under the GNU general public license version 2.


Torsten Irländer <torsten at irlaender dot de>